– In the Dugout with Aysha Ridzuan – PFAM CEO Izham Ismail

While the quality of football within Malaysia has undoubtedly been on the rise in recent times, the level of professionalism continues to be a niggling issue, harming the reputation that more often than not, takes years to be manisfested. Cases of players being mistreatred by clubs, and teams not fulfilling their contractual obligations continue to sky-rocket as usual, leaving fans baffled and players unprotected.

But there seems to be some hope for the foreseeable future, with the revival of PFAM, which is the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia. They are now officially registered as a legal entity and are working hand in hand with a myriad of players in ensuring that their fundamental rights as players, are inherently protected. caught up with PFAM’s CEO, Izham Ismail, for a quick chat on various matters involving the association.

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