The Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) successfully organised its first-ever Legal Conference focused on Standard Professional Player Contracts. The conference, held in collaboration with the Faculty of Law at the esteemed National University of Malaysia (UKM), took place on the 13th of June at UKM Bangi’s Faculty of Law.

The event garnered significant participation from key stakeholders in the Malaysian football landscape, including representatives from the Malaysian Football League, EPF, SOCSO, law students, lawyers, and football’s legal executives. The objective of the conference was to discuss and analyse the standard professional player’s contract, shedding light on the rights and protections afforded to employees and footballers under Malaysian law. The ultimate goal was to develop strategies and recommendations to advance the rights and professionalism of Malaysian football and its players in the years to come.

The conference comprised two informative forum sessions. Session 1 delved into contractual obligations and relevant bodies, shedding light on the rights and responsibilities of players under professional contracts. In Session 2, participants examined the NDRC as an independent arbitration tribunal for resolving contractual disputes, emphasising its advantages in promoting fair and efficient conflict resolution within the football industry.

This groundbreaking conference provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the rights and responsibilities of professional football players governed by the standard professional player’s contract. The knowledge and awareness gained from the event are expected to foster positive changes within the Malaysian football scene, particularly in football management.

PFAM’s commitment to promoting education and creating awareness surrounding football legislation continues to play a pivotal role in empowering players within the football industry. The Legal Conference served as a platform for in-depth discussions, fostering meaningful dialogue, and facilitating valuable learning opportunities.

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