Prenowned sportswear brand adidas and the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) have come together to launch the Adidas Malaysia Girls Football Program (AMGFP). The initiative, inaugurated last Thursday at the Royal Selangor Club in Bukit Kiara, gained additional momentum with football icon David Beckham’s visit, engaging not only with fans but also inspiring and interacting with young female football players participating in the AMGFP.

Sharmin Photographer and Izham Ismail during the signing ceremony for the launch of AMGF


Izham Ismail, Steffi Sidhu, David Beckham, Sharmin Photographer and Safee Sali posing for a group photo with the young female footballers


The AMGFP, a collaborative effort between adidas and PFAM, is designed to reshape the landscape of women’s football in Malaysia, offering young female footballers a platform for growth, empowerment, and skill development. Izham Ismail, PFAM’s Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the challenges faced by aspiring female football players in Malaysia, including societal stigma, discrimination, and limited access. However, he emphasized that the resilience of female athletes has propelled the growth of women’s football in the country.

David Beckham joins the young female participants and engages in various football drills


“In Malaysia, women’s football faces challenges ranging from combating societal stigma, discrimination, and lack of access. However, it has successfully grown due to the resilience of our female athletes, and today is their day. Thanks for making it more relevant than ever. It’s not just a program but a catalyst to nurture women’s football talent, providing a platform and a safe space for them to feel recognized and have opportunities to grow,” said Izham.

Izham Ismail introducing the launch of AMGFP


Sharmin Photographer, adidas Malaysia Country Manager, echoed the sentiments of supporting women’s football, recalling the global enthusiasm during the 2023 Australia World Cup. “When we reached the final, we felt the entire world supporting women’s football, and Steffi was with me. We felt it was time to do something for Malaysian women interested in this sport and to advance their game,” said Sharmin.

Sharmin Photographer sharing her thoughts and insights on AMGFP


Steffi Sidhu, PFAM exco member, shared her experiences and the challenges she faced in a male-dominated sport. She emphasized how questions about her ability weakened her spirit but fueled her determination to prove the naysayers wrong. “Year after year, what I wanted to do was to improve, self-correct, and I am grateful to PFAM and adidas for wanting to help women succeed in this sport,” she said.

Steffi Sidhu, Captain of Malaysia Women Football Team having a conversation with David Beckham


The AMGFP, spanning a year, aims to make football accessible to girls aged 9-14, providing them with training sessions and support from both adidas and PFAM. With quarterly sessions scheduled, the collaboration seeks to uplift aspiring female footballers, making a significant impact on the future of women’s football in Malaysia.

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