Membership of PFAM is open to:

Footballers registered under any club or state football association, which is a participant or member of the Malaysian League.

A member of any male of female senior representative’s quad selected from time to time by the FAM to play in any football game or competition.

A male of female footballer who is eligible to play football for Malaysia and who is employed, engaged, or registered with a club which fields a team in any league that consists of clubs outside of Malaysia.

Please fill up the form below to apply.


    1. Please pay membership fee for RM150.00 (Malaysia Ringgit One Hundred And Fifty Only) after submitted this from. The membership will be processed after payment has been made.
    2. Please attach proof of payment to 0177220864 (Hanani)
    1. Sila jelaskan yuran keahlian sebanyak RM150.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Satu Ratus Dan Lima Puluh Sahaja) selepas menghantar borang ini. Keahlian hanya akan diproses selepas pembayaran dibuat.
    2. Sila kemukakan bukti pembayaran kepada 0177220864 (Hanani)


    Nama Bank / Bank Name:
    CIMB Bank Berhad

    No. Akaun / Account No.:

    Nama Akaun / Account Name:
    Persatuan Pemain-Pemain Bolasepak Profesional Malaysia (Baru)

    Kod Swift / SWIFT Code:

    * Jika terdapat sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi 0177220864 (Hanani) / If you have any enquiries, please contact 0177220864 (Hanani).