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Established in 1965, FIFPRO was formed in view of the increasing demand and needs of professional footballers. FIFPRO acts as a union connecting footballers unions all over the world in four main regions namely Europe, Asia/Oceania, Africa, and Americas.

In Malaysia, the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) acts in tandem with the vision of FIFPRO to strive for better quality and appreciation of the rights of local professional footballers.

Supporting the Players, Building the Game.

PFA Malaysia was established to promote, advance and protect the interest of professional footballers in Malaysia.

It exists to support and provide advice to, and represent professional footballers in Malaysia in matters pertaining to their relations with Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), clubs, state football associations or any other body responsible for or in any way connected with the administration of football in Malaysia.

PFA Malaysia also provides legal advice and assistance to professional footballers in Malaysia in respect of their professional contractual obligations with their clubs or state football associations, and PFA Malaysia acts as an exclusive representative body and collective bargaining agent of Malaysia’s professional footballers.

PFA Malaysia also seeks to promote professional football as a stable, secure and worthwhile career, and provides advice and assistance to Malaysia’s professional footballers in their career development.

With the support of FIFPRO, PFA Malaysia seeks to establish an international network to enable Malaysia’s professional footballers to have an input in international decision-making in matters pertaining to the game of football.

PFA Malaysia exists to fight for the players, and build the beautiful game.



PFAM strives in the excellence of overall welfare of the professional footballer community in welfare, development, representation and collective bargaining facilitation, advisory, and legal assistance for its Members.

PFAM will remain independent and without prejudice or discrimination in exercising its duties as contact points and as a champion of player issues.

PFAM focuses on the communications between the relationships that naturally exist and will exist between members, FAM, clubs, state football associations, or any other body responsible for or in any way connected with the administration or regulation of football in Malaysia, including advice on sponsorship contracts.

Aside being the main body of assistance and advisory, PFAM also promotes the development of football in Malaysia, including the catalyst of pushing football as a stable, secure, and worthwhile career for youngsters. PFAM, as promoters, will also undertake to projects both in Malaysia and internationally to advance the interests of its members.



FIFPRO is the global representative for 65,000 professional footballers around the world.


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